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Product Photography

Facts about Product Photography

  • 75% of total online buyers make their choice based on the Product's Photography

  • 22% of the purchased products are returned because the product looks different in the photograph and in person.

  • A product with good photography has 40% more possibility of getting shared on your customer's social accounts.

  • 32% of digital marketers state that product photographs are the most beneficial form of content for businesses.

Figures never lie, especially when you see the numbers that describe your business's revenue! Over the last several years, professional product photography has become a necessity for every eCommerce portal. The reason is its impact on the target audience. After all, people believe what they see in-front of them. So, whether you own a simple web design and development company or an online fashion boutique, it is very important that you choose product photography for promoting your products and business.

eCommerce Product Photography Ahmedabad

Our Methodology

  • Choose new product sample
  • Create set for the photography
  • Configure the light and props
  • Process the raw files
  • Merge product and factors
  • Focus on Detailing and Clean-up imperfections
  • Add highlights, contrast and drama to the photographs.
Products Photography Services

Visual content marketing is one of the main revenue generating marketing techniques followed today. And we understand the importance of product photography like no other professional marketers. Our team of skilled photographers are the best in their field and give you only the best product photography results.

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