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Web Hosting Support

Web Hosting Support

Web Hosting Support ?

Web hosting is like home where family members are staying. Web Hosting is the place where website in placed. If you developed a website but it will not be activate on internet unless web hosting is allocated to the particular website. By providing hosting you can upload your website, create email accounts and manage other services.

What is Server Space?

All of the images and files for your website are stored on computers called servers. These servers run 24 hours a day to allow your web site to be accessed any time of the day or night from all over the world.

What is Control Panel?

Every account comes with its own control panel that is filled with tools for managing your site. You can add counters, password protect directories, check your site statistics, add or remove email addresses, forward email, set up auto responders, and more.

What is Bandwidth?

Whenever you access a web page, send an email, download a file, etc. you are transferring data, also referred to as using bandwidth. High traffic websites may require large amounts of bandwidth while websites with few visitors tend to use less. Through your control panel you can track how much of your available bandwidth you are using and how much is free.